How Many Calories You Burn by Practicing Your Favourite Sport

So you are passionate about a particular sport? If so, then you surely are interested in knowing how many calories you burn when you practice that specific activity. In this article we’ll mention 12 of the most commonly practiced sports in the world, showing for each one the number of calories a person burns on average. People who live a slack and lazy life, tilting towards inactivity, choosing to practice one of the sports listed below are recommended to consult their doctor to ensure that the exercises are not a contraindication to their general health state. They should also be advised that warm-up plays an important role in practicing a sport, and some stretching movements that are essential. Regular exercise is also done as a preventative for obesity or when one tends to go to flab in certain areas. According to, a procedure to take the fat out of your tummy could set you back over $10,000.

Calories Burned when Jogging/Running
You burn about 450 calories every 30 minutes, if running ~0.6 miles (1 km) in 5 minutes throughout the whole distance. This type of movement is an ideal type of cardio workout. Leg strength and endurance will gradually increase, but the upper body will not experience significant changes, except for the belly fat burnout. Warm up well, wear properly fitted shoes and keep a moderate pace, unless you’re not a beginner.

Calories Burned when Mountain climbing
Mountain climbing combine strength, control and finesse in one sport. It relies on quick bursts of energy and balance to get from one rock to another. This type of sport is not especially for heart’s health, but strength and flexibility will be stimulated. Through practicing mountain climbing you will be able to burn about 371 calories every half an hour of continuous climbing.

Calories Burned when Swimming
Swimming is an excellent sport because it trains the entire body and involves many muscle groups. Depending on the sustained rhythm during swimming, you can burn up to 360 calories in half an hour. However, most people have difficulty maintaining a steady pace in the same swimming style. One of the most effective strategies is the one in which you inhale, swim two-meters, and then exhale. Repeat the technique throughout the whole workout.

Calories Burned when Cycling
Cycling is usually practiced as a relaxation and muscle fortification sport. Depending on the pedaling speed, a person can burn aprox. 300-400 calories in 30 mins. Cycling is also an excellent cardio workout. The thighs and calves are involved for the most part. However, this sport will not work the upper body.

Calories Burned when Boxing
If you resist keeping up the pace in the ring, then you will be rewarded with a deficit of 324 calories for every half hour when boxing. In addition, it is a great cardio fitness and muscle strength booster. Make sure that you are suitable for this type of sport… it may be too much for you! Calories Burned when Playing Racquetball You burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes with this fun sport. Racquetball provide a fantastic cardio workout. It is based on lower body strength, endurance, developing the flexibility of the spine. Carefully practice it in order to avoid a possible ankle sprain, a common injury in this sport!

Calories Burned when Playing Basketball
Choose basketball to lose about 288 calories every half hour, to develop your overall flexibility, strength and cardio health. Warm up before starting, as sudden twisting can catch you on the wrong foot.

Calories Burned when Canoeing/Rowing
With rowing you will get rid of the extra energy and fat, burning around 280 calories in half an hour, depending on the intensity and frequency of the pull. You will increase the level of resistance, develop overall strength and work-out shoulder, back, thighs and biceps muscles. The secret in rowing technique: proper coordination of legs, back and arms to increase pull effectiveness. If you choose Kayak canoe instead, you will lose around 170 calories every half an hour.

Calories Burned when Playing Tennis
A fun game that requires speed, agility, strength and fast reflexes. Depending on your opponent player’s skills, you can lose between 250-300 calories every half an hour, while exercising cardiopulmonary fitness. Wear appropriate footwear to prevent ankle injuries.

Calories Burned when Skiing
Winter sports in general stimulate body’s metabolism a lot. After only 30 minutes of skiing a regular person will burn about 270 calories. Even a less difficult route offers a quite generous overall training session.

Calories Burned when Skating
Ice skating gives you all the benefits of running without the stress of joints injury (of course other injuries may occur) with additional entertaining. After only 30 minutes you will burn 252 calories on average. Skating provides excellent exercise for thighs, calves, tendons and buttocks. Twists and turns tone and abdomen as well. With your arms you maintain balance and make different moves involving the deltoid muscles, biceps and triceps.

Calories Burned when Dancing
Yes, you can dance for a sports. Through dancing one can burn out about 180 calories in an hour and feeling like making a aerobic workout of moderate difficulty. The benefits of this sport is the development of flexibility, muscular tone and endurance. Additionally, you will not feel like practicing a sport. Enjoy the moves!

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