One of the first things that moms to be and their families must pay attention to is the diet plan. There is a requirement to plan a diet chart for pregnant women with the aid of your doctor. As the baby’s growth phases differ from one month to the ninth month, thus the type of food you must eat also varies. Generally, it is recommended that you have a balanced diet, but being more precise about what to eat is preferred. Here we are with the Pregnancy diet chart month by month for you that you must follow.

Pregnancy Diet chart- Month 1

The infant is an embryo in the first month of being pregnant. It is optional, but you should have a snack that is rich in starches. Pregnancy diet chart month by month to address morning sickness; you should eat meals that are smaller than those you usually have. However, you must upsurge the frequency of having food. Go in for smooth-to-digest food and consume as much fluid as possible. Say no to highly spiced, high-fat, and fried food. Choose folate-rich as well as Vitamin B6-rich food.

Pregnancy Diet Chart- Month 2

Through the second month, the baby’s size is like a kidney bean and has distinct, somewhat webbed fingers. Fatigue and Nausea are the common subjects you might suffer in the second month. In this phase, you must eat ginger for Nausea. Try to eat the maximum quantity of Vitamin E; your diet chart has olive oil, raw almonds, avocado, egg yolk, sunflower seeds, and hazelnuts.

Pregnancy Diet Chart- Month 3

While three months of pregnancy, the infant is only 3 inches plus it weighs equal to a pea pod. The diet plan you followed in the first and second months continues. By now, you must consume a minimum of 10 glasses of water per day and must also ingest juicy fruits and vegetables. All these will help to keep the kid away from dryness.

Pregnancy Diet chart- Month 4

Here is a 4-month food chart that will aid you in understanding what foods you could consume for your baby.

By this time, your baby is virtually 5.5 inches long, weighing 140g. Nowadays, you need to consume as many iron-rich foods as possible. Along with this, you must go in for protein consumption. We prefer similar eggs plus free-range meats if you are non-vegetarian. If you are a vegetarian, then eat iron-rich plant foods identical to leafy greens along with legumes. Do not overlook adding a source of vitamin C to your diet.

Pregnancy Diet Chart-Month 5

During this month of pregnancy, you could see your baby expand out of your belly. It is the stage where you will find the wish to eat more pickles and something sweet. But, before you start eating a lot, make sure that you follow a strict Pregnancy diet chart month by month.

Whole grains are rich sources of vitamin E, B complex, iron, and magnesium. All this will help fulfil the energy requirement for you and your baby.

The more you drink, the smaller the odds of constipation. Also, add milk to your fluid intake daily for additional benefits of calcium plus other micronutrients.

Protein is faultless for your baby’s growth. Meat, tofu, cheese, eggs. etc., are required in your regular diet.

Broccoli, Spinach, and other greens are essential to fulfil the body’s nutrient necessities.

Add glow to the skin and supports the baby’s growth with vital vitamins and minerals.

Pregnancy Diet chart- Month 6

A 6-month-old baby now weighs up nearly 660g, and you have perhaps started to experience and feel the baby’s development already. Now you tend to feel starving on the one hand and suffer from difficulties like constipation, conversely. Going in for food like vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and legumes are extremely recommended to stop suffering from constipation. Also, it is recommended that you have one tablespoon of psyllium mixed with a glass of water previous to going to bed.

Pregnancy Diet Chart-Month 7

In this phase of pregnancy, the baby is going over fast growth changes, and thus, you need more energy in the formula of calories to fulfil his nutritional necessities. You must include having: Diet rich in iron, calcium, proteins, DHA, fiber, etc

Iron is significant for the growth of the baby’s brain and circumvents any chances of evolving anemia. Beans, chicken, salmons, lentils, and Spinach is what you must eat.

Calcium aids in shaping the baby’s bone structure plus skeleton system. Milk, soy milk, Chia seeds, plus cheeses are decent calcium sources.

Proteins aid in the healthy growth of your baby. Include poultry, eggs, meat, lentils, and dairy products in your Pregnancy diet chart month by month.

DHA is A fatty acid that is good for the growth of your baby’s brain. Flax seeds, walnuts, and fish oils are good sources.

Fiber aids you out of constipation. Eat more fresh fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains. 

Pregnancy Diet Chart-Month 8

By eight months, your kid is most likely to gain a weight of about 2.4 kg. You might now start to experience recurrent urination and backaches along with breathing shortness and insomnia. You have to start eating omega-3 fatty acids from now on. To ingest more fat, you are suggested to consume oily fish similar to salmon; you must have nuts plus seeds. You are also recommended to add ground flax seeds plus sour cherries to your Pregnancy diet chart month by month.

Pregnancy Diet Chart-Month 9

9-month pregnancy is the most critical time as, lastly, the wait is going to be over, plus your baby is knocking on the door to get cherished by you. In this last month, the baby is approximately 20.5 inches long, plus its weight is almost 3.4 kg. You are recommended to add garlic to your diet plan for sure. Moreover, you must not forget to eat dates often. It is vital to have two handfuls of dried raisins each week.

Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy

To help stop illnesses and other problems during pregnancy, avoid:

Seafood that comprises mercury: Avoid swordfish, shark, and marlin, or keep the consumption to an absolute minimum.

Raw or partially cooked meats: Choose carefully cooked meats.

Raw shellfish: This is because of a bacterial or viral contagion risk, which could cause food poisoning.

Raw eggs: Avoid these plus any foods that contain them.

Soft, mold-ripened cheese: Cheeses, for example, brie and camembert, carry a threat of Listeria contagion. A listeria is a bacteria that could cause potentially fatal contagions in pregnant individuals and their babies.


What are the suggested servings during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you would have extra energy needs and requires more serves from the five food groups. It is significant to understand that the ‘serving size’ does not change, but instead, the diversity of food and serves per day upsurges to meet the mom plus baby’s needs.

Can we eat potatoes during pregnancy?

Potatoes are full of healthy nutrient for a pregnant lady and should not be excluded from the Pregnancy diet chart month by month. Potatoes are well for the overall development and growth of the fetus and henceforth should be consumed in control and in a healthy way.

Is rice good for pregnancy?

During pregnancy, limit your consumption to one small serving (1/4 cup raw) of rice per week. And evade processed rice products, for example, cereal, crackers, gluten-free baked goods, plus rice “milks” — these comprise rice from unknown sources and, in several cases, may be considerably higher in arsenic.

What should I eat during pregnancy month by month?

Add a lot of protein-rich foodstuffs like lean meat, eggs, tofu, fish, and necessary starches food, for example, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, seeds, whole wheat pasta, legumes and nuts, and oats. Pregnant women should avoid foodstuffs sweetened with refined sugar and choose fruits with a low-glycemic index.


To wrap up, this is a brief portrayal of what you need to eat during pregnancy. This period of nine months is critical for both you and your evolving baby. Try to have balanced, healthy food for the pregnant lady so that your body gets strong sufficient to deliver the baby and your baby gets adequate nutrients to grow healthily. A little protection on your end can save you and your baby from a surplus of obstacles on Labor Day. We wish you a safe and healthy delivery and inspire you to have all the elements in your Pregnancy diet chart month by month, confirming that everything goes fine with the mother and child.

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